Rough Pendant Workshop
Rough Pendant Workshop
Intuition Crystal Pendant Workshop
Intuition Crystal Pendant Workshop
Nature's Best Rock and Gem

Intuition Crystal Pendant Workshop

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Intuition Crystal Pendant Workshop


Date:(Jan 18th, Saturday)
Time: 3:30 to 5:30
Includes:   -Use of tools for the class.
                 -Sterling Silver 
                 -Selection of (1) tumbled/rough gemstones for wrapping.
This by far is my favorite jewellery making workshop. It's both equal parts technique and art. It's rewarding because just about any size, shape and style of crystal can be used.
If you've ever thought I wish I could wear a certain stone, but how? This class is for you. Along with walking away with a custom piece made by you, your intuition towards which crystal chosen is equally important. A lot of times people get caught up in the rules of something that is supposed to be freeing and spiritual. Or simply put... many just don't know where to begin.
Not to worry, your selection will be made from your intuition and I'll show you how. 
*If you do have something you've always wanted made into a pendant, feel free to bring it along. 

Additional materials and tools will be available for purchase.