Iolite (Tumbled)
Iolite (Tumbled)
Iolite (Tumbled)
Iolite (Tumbled)
Nature's Best Rock and Gem

Iolite (Tumbled)

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Iolite is the Gemolgy name for this gemstone and in Mineralogy it's referred to as Cordierite. The name "Iolite" derives from the Greek word for 'violet'. An even older Greek name given to this gemstone is 'dichroite' meaning two-coloured rock. This refers to the stones ability to display different colours (Pleochroism) when viewed from different angles. The colours of Iolite can vary sapphire blue to blue violet to yellowish gray to light blue as the light angle changes  Iolite can also be called 'water-sapphire' or 'Vikings Compass'. The Vikings used this gemstone to aid in finding the sun on over cast days to navigate safely to land. This makes Iolite one of the first polarizing lens.


  • Iolite can aid in helping to regain perspective and aids in bring back order.
  • Iolite is an excellent stone for artists, because it takes ordinary ideas and helps make them into extraordinary ones.
  • Iolite gently guides in times of isolation.
  • Iolite is a great travel companion to help guide love ones back safely.
  • Physically, Iolite can aid in digestion,hair, nail growth, nerve pain, healing of the eyes, headaches, dizziness, memory,  insomnia, and nightmares.
  • Iolite is an excellent Shamanic gemstone due to it's nature to increase vividness of visions. 


Northern Part of Australia, Brazil, Burma, Northern Canada, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and in Connecticut in the United States.

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