Jet Palm Stones
Jet Palm Stones
Jet Palm Stones
Nature's Best Rock and Gem

Jet Palm Stones

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Jet is organic in origin and is derived from decaying wood from millions of years ago under extreme pressure. Jet comes in black or dark brown and may contain pyrite inclusions. It's not a mineral, but a mineraloid and is a precursor to coal. The conditions that coal and jet are formed in are what make them different from each other. Coal is formed in swamps. Jet is wood that gets washed away and gets water logged and then sinks. It than gets covered and penetrates the wood with organic-rich sediment. 


Jet has long been considered one of the most powerful healing stones to help with grief. Jet helps release negative emotions such as anger, fear, grief and depression. It forces a person to deal with issues and brings them to the surface. Then healing can begin.

Jet is an excellent stone for women who are in the first part of pregnancy because bring life into the world can bring about and expose vulnerabilities. 

Jet is one of the strongest protections stone and when combined with smoky quartz and black tourmaline it's protection gets magnified.

Locations: A main source of Jet comes from Whitby, in England. Other source are Poland, Spain and Turkey. 

Size and shape may vary slightly.