Purple Garnet Earrings
Purple Garnet Earrings
Purple Garnet Earrings
Out Designs

Purple Garnet Earrings

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At first glance, many would think the gemstones in these earrings would be Amethyst. They're actually beautiful "Purple Garnets."

Not only are the purple garnets a welcome surprise, the overall design is also one of a kind.

They're created by jewellery designer and gem cutter Lieste of Out Designs.

Lieste has a degree in fine sculpture and it shows in her art jewellery.

Much of her work is done in a medium called "Art Clay." It's worked into a wet state and then it's carved and built into a dry state, called "Greenware." Once dry, the pieces get put into a kiln where the binder burns away resulting in what's called "Fine Silver." Fine silver is 99% pure silver versus sterling silver at 92.5%.

With Lieste unique designs, she transforms her wearable art into pieces a person is proud to call their own.

Purple Garnet Earrings - are finished in fine silver with a patina creating a dramatic effect with depth and texture.

Weight: 12g

Metal: Fine Silver

Stones: Purple Garnets