Take Your Shit Back - Reversing Oil (15 ml)
Nature's Best Rock and Gem

Take Your Shit Back - Reversing Oil (15 ml)

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Use this oil to reverse situations, turn back unwanted energies, and to return cast workings. Reversing oil is used to reverse jinxes and messes that have been put down on you or yours and send them back to their original sender. Don't underestimate the power of negative intentions. Even if someone did not lay a trick on you, negative thoughts and feelings still can have ramifications. This powerful blend of essential oils, black salt and black onyx will help you to put "Back to sender" stamp. Black Onyx is known to protect its owner from harmful spirits, psychic attacks, and black magic. It's theorized to capture and ground negative influences.

  • Handmade
  • Materials: Materials: Grape seed oil, Black Salt, Black onyx, Essential oil blend
  • Volume: 15 milliliters
  • For external use only. Green Envy Cosmetics makes no claim to the efficacy of these products.